Unearthed - Bailey's Crossing

A must read! Australian author Jeff Townsend will have you wisked away to Bailey's Crossing, a small town in the Australian Outback, riddled with hatred and racism. As you follow the life of Scott Brooks, a newly graduated teacher who is sent to the town, you will find heartbreak, redemption, love and mateship as a group of local Christians work to overthrow one man's evil.


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Staff Pick - Mandy Neilsen

What's In The Bible #01: In the Beginning - Phil Vischer

I purchased What’s in the Bible DVD for my 2 year old Son. He absaloutely loves it! Laughs every time he watches it and always asks for ‘man’ ‘man’ when he wants me to put it on. I love knowing that as he’s watching the DVD he’s being trained up in the ways of God.